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With over 29 years of experience in San Diego saltwater fishing, Nathan and his knowledgeable & friendly crew will use their expertise on seasonal bites and the best “hot spots” off of San Diego and Mexican waters to give you the best possible trip.  The forty foot long “The Long Run” & crew is ready to provide you and your party with an experience you won’t soon forget!

Fish and Trips

The Long Run Sportfishing Charter specializes in custom, private and semi-private fishing trips as short as 1/2 day (6 hours to 2 days) Each trip will be tailored to the season’s bite and what you want to catch. Overnight trips target Albacore, Yellowtail, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna, Dorado, Sharks, and Marlin during the warmer months. Shorter, half day 6 hour and 3/4 day 15 hour trips often target San Diego’s Yellowtail, Bonito, Barracuda, or bottom fish such as Ling Cod, Sculpin, Sand Bass, and Halibut. Just outside San Diego Harbor we can find Rock fish, Kelp fish, and much more.

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 Shark Fishing

If shark fishing is something you’re interested in, San Diego waters have a great deal to offer anglers in search of that special catch. March – November is the season to catch Mako and Thresher sharks to 1000 pounds!!! Here at The Long Run, we are large proponents of responsible shark fishing & conserving a healthy shark population in San Diego. Sharks can produce only a few offspring per year making overfishing a concern, particularly with Longliners of the coast of Southern California.


We strongly advocate catch and release, and do our best to preserve sharks under 80 pounds and  over 140 pounds. In addition we try to take only males as an added effort to preserve these fascinating creatures and ensure that there is a healthy shark population in San Diego for years to come. Our vision is to preserve the future of sport fishing for future generations by respecting this spectacular resource.

More than Fishing Trips

“The Long Run” is also available for private parties, bay cruises, whale watching, and more.  It is your trip and our goal is to create a custom experience for every party.  We are very hands on with a maximum of two anglers per crew member and are happy to cater to anglers of any level of experience.

Catering is available upon request. We look forward to seeing you aboard!image

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